Computer controlled Auto Titrator

Titration is one of the oldest and most used analytical technique and can be used for aqueous (samples soluble in water) or non-aqueous (samples soluble in organic solvents) samples. Titration has vast industrial and research applications, given its versatility in analyses of input and output material, assay (purity), moisture estimation, TAN (Total Acid Number) and TBA (Total Base Number) analysis etc.

We, at Mayura Analytical LLP, have mastered the technique of titration since 1991. Our first launch was an Auto Potentiometric Titrator with 0.001 ml resolution, a first of its kind in India produced by a local manufacturing company. We quickly followed this up with our Microprocessor Karl Fischer Titrator for Moisture Estimation with 0.001 ml resolution in 1987. From then on, we have continuously improved our titration techniques to make Titrators part of our core portfolio. Today, we offer three models. The Auto Titrator Model HP 77 is a complete titration equipment for potentiometric titration for both aqueous solutions with acid base and non-aqueous solutions with 21CFR Part II compliance with software and hardware validation. The Auto Karl Fisher Titrator Model KF II is a widely accepted equipment for moisture estimation in high percentages to very low percentages.  Auto Silver Titrator is a bespoke equipment built to serve the silver industry for silver assay estimation. 

A wide range of users from a number of industries use our Auto Titrators. A selection is listed below. To view by industries, please click here