Client Impact

First All in One Auto Titrator Conceived and Manufactured in 1991

Client impact

Ensuring that our customers succeed in their endeavours is our utmost priority. This guiding principle has helped us scale the heights to where we are today. We want to share a few examples of how we impact our clients to showcase our approach as trouble-shooters and solution finders.

  • An esteemed national laboratory needed to test the moisture in an epoxy like substance, which was a crucial element of their carbon fibre composite analyses. But moisture in such substances is very low and in the range of PPM. Weighing such substances and transferring quantitatively for analysis is the most difficult part of such analyses. So when the client raised this issue with us, we resolved this primary obstacle by devising a blank analyses technique. With this, the client was able to estimate moisture in the sample to up to 10 PPM range using our Auto Titrator HP 77.
  • One of India’s premier pharmaceutical manufacturing and research company employs hundreds of Gas Chromatographs, which requires high purity gases such as Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Zero Air. The challenge with having Hydrogen cylinders of this magnitude is the risk of explosion or flammability in organic chemical zone, which is dangerous and expensive due to leaks in the cylinder or pipeline and in transportation of the cylinder itself. With thousands of scientists working in the premises, the client needed to create a safe environment, reducing any associated risk from gas cylinders. We provided a solution by installing High Purity Gas Generators for Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Zero Air that produce 99.9995% purity, which completely eliminated any associated risk. These generators automatically shut off when there is any internal leak. They also provide a steady flow rate in the digital display that helps the user adjust the flow input accurately. With low maintenance cost involved as Hydrogen is produced by splitting water, this is also economical in the long run.
  • India’s leading educational institutions were keen to analyse gases and liquids in chemical reactions, which are existing together. This poses great difficulty in the analyses of gases because of the liquid presence. If the liquid enters the column, it will not be eluted under normal temperature conditions, making the analysis impossible. We helped these institutions circumvent the issue by adopting our Auto Sampler within our Multidimensional Gas Chromatograph Model 3100, which removes liquid from gases allowing for separate gas and liquid analysis.
  • India’s largest distillery and alcohol manufacturer was looking for a way to check whether distribution centres were adhering to the set quality standards as adulteration, if any, is typically done at this stage. We introduced this customer to our latest innovation, the Portable Gas Chromatograph Model PHR I, which weighs 6 kgs and fits in a carryon suitcase. The client was able to transport the Portable GC right to the distribution centres and was able to test the purity of their liquor (whiskey etc.) at the point of distribution or manufacturing for example, to ensure no adulteration was occurring. Liquor analysis at 1500 C in a portable GC for adulteration detection in the market has been highly commended by the customer for ease of operation and accuracy.
  • Another recent innovation of ours is the first ‘Made in India’ Temperature Programmable Desorption (TPD) unit. Our most recent customer is a leading R&D centre who has purchased this equipment to aid their catalysis analyses has found our TCD equipment equally efficient but at less than 10% of the cost to foreign imports.