How We Work

All in One Auto Titrator Conceived and Manufactured in 1991

Our products speak for themselves. We do not just sell the hardware. We ensure that the users are able to operate the equipment to its full potential and that they are able to obtain the results they are looking for. As a solution focussed firm, we start with problem first and then offer the appropriate choice of equipment to suit requirements. We are known to regularly tell our clients to not waste their resources by purchasing products they don’t actually need, to the surprise of many. Often we customise equipment to suit specific needs, resolving many user issues that otherwise would have been obstacles.

Our clients speak for us. We believe in establishing long standing and trusted relationships with our users. As a result, a significant proportion of our business is through existing customers or through referrals from existing clients. This is a true testament to our service model. We equally serve customers to purchase our most sophisticated equipment in the same manner as we would serve buyers of our non-core products. Above all, we offer technical support and guidance at every step of the way. We go beyond the call of action. That’s what makes us different. Our experience as analytical chemists ourselves makes it easier for us to associate ourselves with our equipment and our customers’ analytical issues, thereby resolving them successfully and efficiently.